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Benchmark Genetics Chile presents new organization.

In September 2018 Benchmark Genetics Chile presented its new organization and general view of the production model.

The new management team of the J.V between Benchmark plc and AquaChile, announced on the 8th of June, is now in place, ready to engage in the strategy to build a new independent breeding company in Chile, taking forward new genomic technologies and tools, and unlocking new market opportunities.

To lead the company, Dr. Matias Del Campo has accepted the role of General Manager. He held a similar position in AquaInnovo S.A, a company that provided technical genetics services and is now partly integrating into Benchmark Genetics Chile (BGCL). In his career, Matias has held a number of leading positions in companies providing genetics services, health products and diagnostics for the Chilean farming industry. He is a graduate of Aquaculture Engineering from Chile and holds a PhD in Aquaculture from the University of Stirling, UK.

In his new team, Matias has appointed Dr. Jean Paul Lhorente Caussade as Technical Director of Genetics and R&D. Jean Paul has over 18 years’ experience in developing and managing breeding programs and research projects in aquaculture. Jean Paul joins the company from AquaInnovo.

Benchmark Genetics Chile new Finance Manager is Verónica Opitz, with over 14 years’ experience from the industry where she has spent four years in Marine Harvest and 11 years, recently as CFO, at the integrated aquaculture company Ventisqueros.

As the Head of Data Analysis and Control Unit, the Company has appointed Dr. Marcelo E. Araned. Marcelo held the same position in AquaInnovo, from which he has extensive experience in transforming data from operations into information to be used for support and optimization of management decision-making.

Luis Alexis Aro is a trained veterinary and started his career in 2001. In the new company, he has been appointed Head of Nucleus, Services and Health for BGCL’s three species - Atlantic salmon, Coho salmon and Rainbow trout.

Manager for Fry Production and Projects is Gabriel Puchi. Gabriel has a background as an engineer in fisheries, and more than 10 years’ experience in various positions in the salmon value chain. His previous work included a number of large construction projects, and we believe he will be an important resource for BGCL for further developments of the production facilities.

The company is in the process of hiring a production manager for the broodstock operations. This position will also report directly to Matias Del Campo.

Benchmark Genetics Chile has taken over operations for broodstock, stripping and incubation from AquaChile. The Company will only use broodstock farmed in land-based units, with the highest levels of bio-security. This is in line with Benchmark Genetics’s overall strategy from Iceland and soon from SalmoBreed Salten, and also ensures deliveries of ova every week of the year. In addition to the broodstock transferred from AquaChile, the Company is in the process of establishing local production of broodstock of the StofnFiskur strain from Iceland. The first ova from the breeding nucleus in Iceland was delivered to Chile in November last year, and will start producing commercial ova from 2020/2021. BGCL will also offer Chilean customers imported ova from Iceland as a supplement and a backup to local production.

Above we say general manager?

"We are very pleased to have the key management in place, and we are now ready to start the exciting journey to establish the company as an independent genetics supplier to the Chilean aquaculture industry," said Matias Del Campo, General Manager at Benchmark Genetics Chile. "We will work closely with Benchmark Genetics in Norway and Iceland, aiming to exchange knowledge and technologies to make our genetic program in Chile the best and most advanced to the benefit of the local aquaculture industry," he explains. "We will be with our colleagues across the Benchmark group who are experts in [advanced nutrition, diagnostics and animal health] at our joint stand at the AquaSur exhibition in October," concludes Matias Del Campo.
Bmkc Management Team

From left to right, Gabriel Puchi, Verónica Opitz, Jean Paul Lhorente, Marcelo Araneda and Matías Del Campo.

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