Benchmark Genetics

Benchmark Genetics Chile was established in 2018

The company belongs to the Benchmark Genetics division which currently consists of six companies, providing various products and services within breeding and genetics:

  • Benchmark Genetics Chile: Ova of Atlantic salmon
  • StofnFiskur and SalmoBreed: Ova of Atlantic salmon
  • Spring Genetics: Larvae and fry of Nile Tilapia
  • Benchmark Genetics Colombia: Post Larvae of shrimp species L. Vannamei
  • Akvaforsk Genetics: Technical genetic services


We have a close and good cooperation with our sister company in Iceland, StofnFiskur. Together we are sharing knowledge and experiences in relation to genetics, product development, sales and logistics. BGCL sells and distributes ova from StofnFiskur to the Chilean market. We also hold families of broodstock from StofnFiskur in our Caburga site in Chile since 2017. The first commercial ova from the Stofnfiskur Chilean broodstock will be available from the 2020/2021 season. StofnFiskur also has a number of special products such as Organic ova, Triploid ova and All-female ova.

Akvaforsk Genetics

Akvaforsk Genetics is the world’s leader in technical genetic services to the aquaculture industry. The company contributes with services such as programme design, breeding plans, genetic calculations and selection of breeding candidates.

A global genetic team

Benchmark Genetics represents a large and unique technical environment within research, breeding and genetics that few other breeding companies in the world can match. This is a strong advantage for the customers that work with us, using this competence to access the latest and most advanced technologies and products available in the market.

Benchmark's vision is to establish a new standard for sustainable living, starting with food production.


The group consists of 4 centers of technology that represent different skills and knowledge. Together, the divisions comprise a holistic offering that will help in the creation of advances and improvements in aquaculture and agriculture.

Aquaculture is the most important element of Benchmark’s strategy, with a world population that is growing and will need more proteins from aquatic species in the future. What makes Benchmark different from other service companies in the industry is the overall approach to the issues related to health. By correlating genetics with medical research, diagnostics and feed, Benchmark believes it will be possible to achieve significant progress in reducing - and even eliminating - many of the main risks and threats that characterize aquaculture today.

Learn more about Benchmark at the group’s homepage

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