Benchmark Genetics Chile (BGCL) joint venture

Benchmark Genetics Chile (BGCL) is a joint venture, formalized and announced in June 2018, and formed by the British company, quoted in the London AIM stock exchange, Benchmark PLC, and the privately owned Chilean company AquaChile. Benchmark plc is dedicated to genetic services for the aquaculture industry, and has global experts in genetics and genomics, diagnostics, animal health and nutrition.

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Relationship begins with Stofnfiskur

The StofnFiskur programme dates back to 1991, when the company was founded in Iceland. The Atlantic Salmon strain of the company originates from Norway. Main purpose was to supply the newly established Icelandic industry with salmon eggs, but with a growing global demand, Stofnfiskur started export of eggs to Chile and Ireland in 1995 and later to Norway, Faroes Island and Scotland.

Stofnfiskur operates a biosecure compartment in Iceland making it the only company in the world with authorization to export Atlantic Salmon Ova to Chile, and is also supplying customers with land based salmon production all around the globe. StofnFiskur was acquired by Benchmark plc in 2014 and is today a part of the Benchmark Genetics Division.

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