Caburga: Nucleus Centre

The Caburga Nucleus Centre located near Pucon holds the pedigree families from egg to smolt. The Nucleus Centre produces populations of pedigree fish for testing and selection of each new generation.

  • Caburga

Las Marcas: Spawning Centre

Las Marcas is one of our spawning and incubation centres.

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  • Las Marcas

Chaicas: Broodstock Centre

Chaicas Broodstock Centre near Puerto Montt contains an entire life-cycle for Atlantic Salmon in tanks on-land, without using sea water. Photoperiod and temperature are controlled, producing mature broodstock throughout the year.

Chaicas 0818
  • Chaicas

Ensenada: Spawning Centre

Ensenada is located near Lllanquihue lake. Maturing salmon are brought to Ensenada for the final stages of maturation and spawning in fresh cool spring water. Eggs are incubated, counted and sorted for dispatch to customers throughout Chile.

  • Ensenada
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