Pablo Mazo 5

Pablo Mazo

General Manager

Our general manager, Pablo Mazo, has joined Benchmark Genetics Chile from Chilean salmon farmer Ventisqueros. Before joining Benchmark, Pablo has held several managing roles leading Technical Departments in different renowned salmon farming companies as well as at the Technical Department of the Chilean Salmon Farmers Association (Intesal of SalmonChile). Pablo was also part of the Fresh Water team of AquaChile, where he gained vast experience in genetics and breeding, smolt production and planning. He is a graduate of Fisheries Engineer from Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso, in Chile, and holds a Master of Science in Aquaculture from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. Pablo’s proficiency level in English allows him to work closely with our sister companies Benchmark Genetics in Norway and Iceland to exchange knowledge and technology to make our reproductive program in Chile the best and more advanced, for the long-term benefit of the local aquaculture industry.

His wide knowledge of the Chilean salmon industry, professionalism and commitment, together with his experience leading people make Pablo a key resource for the further development of Benchmark Genetics Chile productive and commercial plans.

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