What We Do

BGCL runs a family based breeding programme for Atlantic Salmon.

Our Atlantic salmon nucleus is based on 300 pedigree familiesand the strain is developed using the most advanced genetic and genomic technology for selecting the best breeding candidates for genetic improvement and the right ova for customers in Chile.

In addition to the local strains, we have established local production of Stofnfiskur broodstock. The first commercial ova from the Stofnfiskur Chilean broodstock will be available from the 2020/2021 season.

As a part of Benchmark Genetics division, we are combining local technology, expertise and competence in Chile with Benchmark’s large team of world-class experts.

We supply locally produced ova all year round, with a supplement of imported highly biosecure and genetically advanced ova from Iceland to fulfill all customer requirements. Benchmark Genetics Chile will also provide technical genetics services to other breeding programmes in Chile and South America.

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