Who We Are

Benchmark Genetics Chile SpA (BGCL) is Benchmark Genetics’ subsidiary in Chile.

From its two biosecure land-based sites in Ensenada and Curacalco, BGCL’s team of over 30 local highly skilled specialists operates in-house breeding programs, provides external technical genetic services, and produces and sells genetically improved Atlantic salmon eggs specially adapted to the Chilean environment and challenges.

BGCL’s sister companies in Norway and Iceland produce the European market leading SalmoBreed and StofnFiskur strains of Atlantic salmon supported by Akvaforsk Genetics.

Combining local knowledge and expertise with Benchmark’s global team of more than 1000 experts, we are well equipped to help solving the specific biological challenges of the Chilean industry.

Pablo Mazo 5
"We are collaborating with our sister companies in Norway and Iceland to exchange competence and technology to make our genetic programme in Chile the best and most advanced, to the benefit of the Chilean farming industry​​" Pablo Mazo, General Manager

BGCL is a part of Benchmark’s genetics division, Benchmark Genetics along with Benchmark Genetics Norway (Salmobreed and Akvaforsk Genetics), StofnFiskur (Iceland), Spring Genetics (USA) and Benchmark Genetics Shrimp (USA and Colombia).

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